Welcome To The Crucified Life Church

What can you expect from a church named Crucified Life Church? Would you like to be challenged to grow and get involved? Are you used to church being a place to be comfortable in your seat? God’s word does not teach us to look for ways to be comfortable. The world is filled to the brim with churches that will not ask you to take up your cross and follow Christ. When Jesus challenged his listeners to change, they became angry and sought to kill Him. Our nature is to be our own god and live for ourselves.

Pastor Victor Michels brings a message of the mind of Christ and a new transformed heart. We learn the principles of the Bible, how to apply them to our lives, and how to be accountable for them. Are you looking for an awakening, eye opening, and life changing message? If you are used to a watered down message and want to move into the profound truths and teachings of God, you are invited to join us as we seek to know God’s heart.

Every service will be an opportunity to GROW.

Service times

Sunday 1030 am

Wednesday 700 pm